Our Brands

The Casual Entrepreneur is part of a larger whole of brands run by Tony and Kristen Laidig of Chambersburg, PA. (Read more about their story here.) Two companies head up the brands listed below: InterACT, LLC co-owned by both partners and Expert Media Group, LLC owned by Tony.

Together with their team of virtual assistants, they work to educate and empower entrepreneurs, artists, and authors to enrich the lives of their families and communities through the power of entrepreneurship and the reach of each student and business partner’s powerful message.

InterACT, LLC creates “interactive” experiences and products for people to connect through physical and e-commerce stores, workshops, printed publications and more!

Brands under InterACT, LLC include:

An ecomm and pop-up store featuring products to light your path, including crystals, smudges, journals and more.An Etsy shop featuring the art and findings of Kristen Joy Laidig, including digital art, one-of-a-kind pieces and ephemera... all with a heavy Steampunk theme.
Children's and creative books designed to educate and inspire children to dream big dreams and build quality relationships.
A line of edgy and novelty journals, books, and products designed to bring smiles to those that are often hard to buy gifts for.
Expert Media Group, LLC is a leading source for training in all types of print and digital media.

Brands under Expert Media Group, LLC include:

Training courses for all types of print and digital media with step-by-step instruction on topics including publishing, illustration, e-commerce, design, photography, and more.Training courses and printable products for business building, sales, and marketing with step-by-step instruction on topics including team building, business startup, money management, and more.Books, journals, and workbooks on entrepreneurship for startups, authors, and artists.