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Welcome to The Casual Entrepreneur’s exclusive line of high-quality products and courses!

Here you’ll find a world of knowledge and resources designed to take your specialty, passions, and income from startup hobbyist to fully-functioning business. Each product series is outlined below.

These courses are designed to build your business from startup to enterprise with basic step-by-steps, financial guidance, and sales skill building.

Turn Your Passion into Purpose and Your Purpose into Massive Profit!

In this training you will:

* Identify Critical Gaps, Then Fill Them: See where you're wasting time, money, and energy... then fill the gaps so you have MORE time, money, and energy!

* Identify What's Working: The only way to repeat what works is to KNOW what works.

* Identify What Needs Fixed, Then Fix It: Changing on a whim is like throwing spaghetti at the wall... all it does is gets your wall sticky. Change with purpose will last and directly impact your business profits!

* And more!
Take Your Business From Startup to Full-Time Income

In this training you will:

* Identify the Big Business Opportunities: How to tell if a new business opportunity or path is right for you... to stop wasting money and time chasing stuff that won't work for your unique situation.

* Discover Top Marketing Methods: Separate from sales strategies, these methods are the tried-and-true-works-the-best-today tactics you NEED in your business toolbox if you want to reach and sustain a 6-figure income.

* Find Truth in Continuity: The exact systems and tech needed to maintain a solid continuity income... and the TRUTH gurus DON'T want to tell you about establishing and maintaining a continuity program.

* Activate the Harvest Multiplier: The easiest and best methods to grow multiple financial harvests from just ONE seed.

* And much more!
How I Went From One Bottle of Ketchup to Multi Six Figures...

In this training you will:

* See the REAL Financial Facts: I'm opening MY books in this training, so you'll see exactly where my money goes, how I track it, and what it takes to reach a multi six-figure level!)

* Achieve Alignment: Exactly how to get your bank account to align with your goals, your goals with your dreams, and your dreams with reality.

* Breakthrough the Barriers: How to identify your Money Blocks, break through them, and finally reach the income level you desire and know you deserve.

* Discover The Abundance Equation: How to grow beyond your own needs, your own family, and really impact your community... and WHEN to do it so you don't overwhelm yourself or your bank account.

* And more!

Convince Customers to Buy without Sounding Like a Sleazy Used Car Dealer

In this training you will:

* Build a Foundation of Basic Sales Skills: From how to handle judgment to how to tap into your true value.

* Understand Buyer Psychology: Learn what makes people buy, identify exactly what your customers want, and get them to say "Yes" faster... without feeling guilty.

* Convince Them with Your Story: Talk to customers in a way that connects with them using the power of your personal story, handle objections, and focus on the benefits of your product or service.

* Sell Anything... Anywhere! Write practical sales copy to how to activate your story, selling through video and social media...

* And a HECKOFALOT More!
Showcase Your Awesome, Stand Out from the Competition, & Boost Your Business!

(This is NOT Your Grandma's Branding Course)

In this training you will:

* Build Your Brand from the Ground Up... the Right Way! Learn from my $15,000 mistake so you don't waste any more time and money. Along with the practical stuff like the best fonts and how to find legal images for logos.

* Watch a Realtime Brand Creation: Look over Kristen's shoulder as she creates a brand for a new business from scratch... and refreshes the brand of a lucky live participant!

* Discover Next-Level Branding: Kristen manages about 15 different brands (and counting) and 4, 5, 6?! businesses. Find out how she uses branding to keep everything straight in her head, stay productive, and impact her customers in the most positive way.

* And of course... More!
Get the Superhuman Secrets to Finish What You Start

In this training you will:

* Get the latest strategies to balance all your various ideas... and make it FUN to complete them faster than ever. Including NEW techniques on how to know which idea to work on first (or which one to trash and when to trash it).

* Superhuman Secrets! While you may not think you're superhuman... Here's proof that you are!

* Push-Past-the-Passion Productivity: Learn how to keep going even when the "newness" of your idea grows dim and complete it despite the massive number of shiny new ideas demanding your attention.

* And Much More!

Get the Answers You Need to Support Your Dream

In this training you will discover:

* The Basics of Concept to Execution... from how to discover which concept is right for you to the best steps to execute it, including all the legal stuff like trademarks, copyright, DBAs, legal structures, etc.

* The Firmest of Foundations from validating your core business idea to executing and marketing it, this is the boiled-down-simple strategy I use to ensure the best possible success for EVERY new business concept I develop!

* The "Master Plan" of Growth Get a look inside the strategy we use to create our Master Plan and how we decide and test whether a concept is worth pursuing further, shutting down, or leaving for another day so you stop wasting money chasing business ideas and put your time and energy into your best chances for profit.

* And Much More!
Turn Your Writing Talent into Money in the Bank!

In this training you will learn:

* The Latest Writing Sales Strategies Get the latest strategies I've both used and taught other successful writers to profit from their writing skills... while breathing fresh, new energy into their personal writing projects.

* Sexy Back-End Passive Income Machine Sneaky ways you can turn every blog post, every article, and even every PLR piece you create into massive cash!

* "Out of the Box" FUN Ways to Make Money with Your Writing More fun ways to make money... with minimal time and effort so you can spend more time on your own passion projects.

* And Much More!
Tap into the Easiest Way to Reach Masses with Your Expertise!

In this training you will get access to:

* Top Trends vs. Timeless Knowledge Find out how to know what kind of info product to create, how to follow the trends, and use what you already know rather than chase shiny objects.

* Easy Get Started Formula The easiest formula to start making money with your own info products without fancy software or a full-blown website.

* Essential Tools & Resources No need to spend hundreds of dollars each month to keep your digital info products secure.

* Scale It! How to scale your info product business from a few hundred $ per month income to 5 figures per month income.

* And Much More!

These courses are designed to give you a massive amount of marketing and promotion resources so you’re never lacking for ideas or direction.

Get a Massive Dose of Marketing Support for Your Business... in Only an Hour!

In this training you will:

* Receive a Firehose of Opportunity: 60 ways to market your business... including when and why to use each way and step-by-step how... with real-life examples!

* Drive Traffic: With free marketing methods.

* Sell What You Already Have: The easiest way to monetize what you already have with less work!

* Impact Your Customers: Get new leads, feature announcements of new products or services, and impact more customers with video.

* And more!
Take Your Product Sales from Blah to Mega Profits in Only 30 Days!

In this Challenge you will:

* Build It: From market research to "fixing" your products to list building basics... Week 1 gives you all the tools and strategies you know to set your products up for successful sales.

* Grow It: From an easy-to-use formula to write your "Perfect Product Description" to how exactly to price your product for the most sales to how to bundle products together and entice your buyers to spend more money... Week 2 gives you everything you need to grow your reach and sell more products.

* They Will Come: My personal "Product Launch Strategy" coupled with all the elements you need and how to convince partners to promote your launch... and how to effectively market your products through video... When properly implemented, Week 3 will bring buyers to your product(s)!

* They Will Buy Again! Getting new customers is one thing... Getting them to spend more money and buy over and over again is another. Week 4 gives you the exact steps you need to ensure people keep spreading the word about your product(s) and exponentially increase your sales.

* And more!

These resources are designed to save you time and money by keeping you on track with your goals and clarifying step-by-steps.

Get 31 of My Most Popular and Highest Requested Professional Business Checklists!

In this bundle you'll receive:

7 Of My Best Business Structure Checklists

8 Of My Most Popular "Find More Money" Checklists

3 Of My "Secret" Intellectual Property Protection Checklists

2 Of My Best Productivity Checklists

3 Of My Favorite Coaching and Accountability Checklists

4 Of My Easy "Hire the Best People" Checklists

4 Of My Best Marketing and Customer Relations Checklists

Save time and energy with this printable easy-to-use step-by-step Checklist Bundle!
Get 60 of My Personal Business Marketing Checklists!

In this bundle you'll receive:

7 Of My Most Useful Social Media Checklists

11 Of My Easiest-to-Implement Face-to-Face Marketing Checklists

7 Of My Make List Building Simple Checklists

14 Of My Time Saving Online Marketing Checklists

9 Of My Best PR & Media Attention-Getting Checklists

12 Of My Ultra-Favorite Unique Marketing Tactic Checklists

Save time and frustration with this printable easy-to-use step-by-step Checklist Bundle!

Whether you consider yourself an artist, creative, or maker, if you’re looking for the most comprehensive marketing training from someone who’s been-there-done-that, this is the training series for you!

Turn Your Artistic Passion From Wanna-Be-Hobbyist to Full-Time Income!

In this training you'll discover:

* How to Multiply Your Sales Channels: From galleries to shows to festivals to businesses... Exponentially increase your reach and overall sales.

* How to Multiply Your Merch: From Print on Demand platforms to traditional merchandising... tap into exponential expansion with any art form.

* How to Multiply Your Market: From local to global... the easiest and most cost-effective ways to scale your art and reach the world with your talent.

* And much more!
Discover the Key Professional Makers Use to Bring Home Serious Profits from Festivals and Shows!

In this training you'll discover:

* Recon Like a Boss: From where to find the best shows, what makes a good show, and my personal rating formula for whether to do a show again... Stop wasting time and energy and find the right shows for you.

* Price & Display Like a Pro: From how to not price yourself out of business to making room for the right marketing materials and displays... maximize your after-show sales and set up winning displays for under $100.

* Expand into a Success: From travel to local reach to multi-channel... Stop limiting yourself and start living your dream as a full-time Maker.

* And much, much more!